Gun Holder System
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Gun Holder System

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EBI's fully adjustable, cushioned GUN HOLDER System was specifically designed with a stand hunter in mind. Within seconds, while requiring absolutely No Tools, the exclusive firearm stowing cradle can be attached to either a tree stand or ground blind's frame or seating arrangement. When Securely Stationed, the Reliable Holding Cradle offers a SAFE FIREARM HARBORING SITUATION. DESIGNED TO HUNT means stowing your firearn within Arm's Reach and Safely Out of Harms Way, when waiting for game to show. Securely positioning your firearm in close proximity to you at all times, dramatically decreases a hunter's movement caused from reaching above or behind to retrieve a firearm, thus minimizing game alerting hunter's movement, and chances for creating game alerting noise. Literally eliminating fatigue and cold hands due to holding a firearm while waiting for game to show are two additional advantages a hunter will experience while utilizing this efficient Gun Holding devise. The excluseive GUN HOLDER System is completely compatable and interchangeable with EBI'S PIC STICK, STAND-BY-STICK and BOW HOLDER, BASE STATION. Includes: Gun Holder and Base Station. 

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